A Date With the Future (2022)

A Date With the Future (2022)

Other name: 照亮你 Zhao Liang Ni


Ten years ago, Jin Shichuan, who had just become a firefighter, brought his search and rescue dog to chase the wind and rescued Xu Lai, a dying girl from the rubble of the earthquake. Ten years later, Xu Lai returned to China as a journalist and also an international dog trainer. He met Jin Shichuan again at the rescue scene. Time is as promised, and the years are getting blurred. This is a love story with passion and blood. Xu Lai took the opportunity of special reports on firefighters to continue to create opportunities to get along with Jin Shichuan. However, Jin Shichuan, who adheres to the principle of "incomparable family and country", rejected Xu Lai’s confession, but he did not expect Xu Lai to use the international dog trainer’s advice. The identity once again appeared in the newly formed search and rescue dog team. It turned out that everything was carefully laid out by Xu Lai. She spent ten years spreading the net in order to capture the "Bing Brother" Jin Shichuan. From the earthquake to the sea of ​​flames, Jin Shichuan and Xu Lai are both light chasers in the era of peace. They will always appear on the most dangerous front line. The two have constantly undergone the test of life and death in emergencies, illuminating each other's lives with love and faith.. ....

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Romance;

Airs: Dec 31, 2022

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